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Longrich NutriVRich Drink Blue




1. Raw food balance nutrition and fully replenishes all required metabolic components.
2. Low-calorie organic food without fat supplement.
3. Relieves fatigue, stress, improves the ability to focus and the body’s to focus and the body’s immune system.
4. Helps prevent cancer, diabetes, obesity, habitual constipation; alleviate the disease symptoms and 10 other kinds of adult diseases.
5. Convenient food supplement.
6. For ulcer patients; It contains nutritious meals with rich fibres.
7. For individuals with low immunity or weak constitutions.
8. For low blood pressure patients(hypertension).
9. It contains brown rice, which is rich in selenium and important trace minerals known to drastically reduce our chances of developing certain forms of cancer, as well as heart diseases, inflammatory condition, and rheumatoid arthritis.
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