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Fast Rich Pack D – Make Up Palette





Entre Nous Evergreen Make Up Palette complements your cosmetics series to look charming and charming in everyday life. With elegant packaging, Entre Nous is much liked. Entre Nous Evergreen Make Up Palette is a cosmetic series consisting of 4 types:

Blush On

With 4 natural and attractive colors, it is very comfortable to use, perfectly forming three-dimensional facial contours. Soft touch color is not easily lost, easy to apply, has a smooth texture that does not irritate your skin.

Eye shadow

With elegant color choices, giving your eyes a brighter look and making it easier for you to apply makeup. Made from soft powder, easy to apply, sticky, durable and not easy to fade, 16 different colors of eye shadow can make color choices according to your activity needs both for work and parties.

Lip gloss

The content of essential oils from Tea Tree oil makes your lips more moist and bright and avoid dry or broken lips. Moist texture, light without feeling sticky and without making lips feel thick. Its moisturizing formula is very comfortable and enjoyable to use every day.

Mascara Make your lashes stronger, deep and beautiful. Its unique brush allows your eyelashes to be longer, curved and supple. Mild does not cause irritation.


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1 Entre Nous Make up set

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