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2-in-1 Treatment Shampoo



2-in-1 Treatment Shampoo (6PV)

The Longrich Cleansing&Treatment 2-in-1 Shampoo lets you shampoo and condition your hair in just one-step, quick and convenient. It is a simple yet effective solution to greasy hair, dandruff and scalp itching problems.


  • Contains Red pomegranate extract essence and EMP Protein, infiltrate into the hair surface to repair damaged hair loss of lipid & Protein to reduce the damage & dimly hair, because of pern & external environmental factors. After use, you have a light silky hair and diffuse an appealing lustrous hair.
  • To create a charming & beautiful hair to improve the brightness & softness of hair.
  • Contains innovative platelet ZPT anti-dandruff factor and natural mint extract to remove┬ádirt and excess sebum effectively and eliminate dandruff.


  • Specialized for damaged hair & anti-dandruff, silky smooth with softness & shine.
  • Removes dirt and excess sebum effectively to soothe the scalp & eliminate dandruff. No more dandruff & leaving hair smooth, easy to manage.
  • Contains EMP that is similar to hair protein composition, innovative platelet.
  • ZTP anti-dandruff factor & natural mint extract.
  • Shampooing & conditioning your hair in one step, quite and convenient.


  • Place appropriate amount on palm.
  • With a small amount of water, massage gently onto wet hair and scalp for 3-5 minutes.
  • Rinse clean with water.

Suitable For

  • All hair types & after hair dye.
  • For the best result if shining & smoothly hair.
  • Better for daily usage with a brightening treatment conditioner.
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