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Longrich started as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) manufacturing company invthe late 80’s and we have grown into one of the biggest manufacturers of the world in 33 years. We have partners all over 138 countries including GSK (Sensodyne), Wall Mart, Lancome, Woolworths, Unilever, Nike, TESCO, Marks and Spencer etc. Longrich is the biggest manufacturing in the whole of Asia and has won many awards on quality and service delivery.

Longrich is known for its good product quality and is also certified with ISO 9001 (International Quality System) and ISO 14001 (International Environmental Protection System). We have 8 Research and Development Institutes in the USA, Japan, China and France. Another one is sited at the Lekki Free Trade Zone, Lagos State Nigeria.

The first on African soil with a vision to take care of the African market and beyond. Longrich created a platform that rewards product users making them part owners of the company. Benefits are many and are futuristic.

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